Web Application and API Protection (WAAP)

Digital transformation has accelerated nearly tenfold in the past two years, and the number of APIs is projected to reach a billion by 2031. But with the ever-increasing deployment and usage of apps worldwide come requirements for powerful app security.
The proliferation of APIs and advancements in attacker sophistication has caused the web application security market to evolve to keep pace with the new digital economy. F5’s Distributed Cloud WAAP, which stands for Web Application and API Protection, is the combination of a web application firewall (WAF), API protection, bot management and DDoS protection.
F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP helps organizations break down organizational silos to bridge old and new operating models, and legacy and modern apps, on a business and technical level. It simplifies security policy and enforcement across clouds, data centers, and edge locations to reduce complexity and ensure more consistent policy.
These critical business outcomes are enabled by:
  • Security efficacy + agility: Bringing together F5’s top-tier security controls providing comprehensive, highly effective app security delivered as SaaS with unified management.
  • Flexible, deploy-anywhere options: Securing apps on the F5 Global Network or deployed natively across multiple clouds (public/private), data centers, and edge environments—wherever customer apps are located.
  • A common platform for app security, app networking, and edge computing: Unifying app security and delivery with WAAP, multi-cloud networking, and app platform services all via a single SaaS platform with a global network.

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